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Pre-Trip Check List
Planning a Road Trip?

Before any long period of driving you should have your car thoroughly inspected to insure its proper functionality and the safety of the vehicle’s passengers. If you’ve ever had a flat tire or your engine overheats, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be. That’s why at Midas we have put together a convenient pre-trip checklist of various areas that should be inspected before any trip. By having this checklist performed you’ll help prevent an unwanted vehicle malfunction and save fuel.

  • Check inflation and insure the tires have the proper amount of air pressure.
  • Check for uneven wear, bald spots or a bulge (all signs that the car needs an alignment).
  • Check visually for any damage or debris.
  • Check the air filter for dirt, dust and debris.
  • Check the cabin air filter for dirt, dust and bacteria causing mold.
  • Inspect spark plugs to insure proper functionality.
  • Visually inspect the O2 Sensor for damage and functionality.
  • Visually inspect belts and coolant hoses.
  • Check for a loose, damaged or missing gas cap.
  • Check Engine Oil to ensure it is clean and at proper capacity.
  • Visually check Antifreeze/Coolant levels.
  • Visually check Power Steering Fluid levels.
  • Visually check Brake Fluid levels.
  • Visually check Transmission Fluid levels.
  • Visually check Windshield Washer solvent levels.
Lighting & Visibility
  • Visually inspect wiper blades to ensure they don’t smear, streak or chatter across the windshield.
  • Visually check for any interior and exterior burned out or malfunctioning lights.
After completing this checklist you can be reassured your car has been thoroughly examined and you have taken every step to make your trip a splendid one.
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