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Refrigerant is the most important aspect of your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system. Inadequately charged refrigerant can cause poor cooling and extreme stress on the A/C compressor, leading to expensive repairs. It also effects the A/C system’s lubrication because good refrigerant flow ensures the proper circulation of refrigerant oil.

At Midas, we perform an industry standard evacuation and recharge. What we do in this service:

  • Checks for leaks.
  • Remove the old refrigerant and store it in an environmentally safe recycling unit.
  • Evacuate any remaining moisture or refrigerant to ensure there is no cross contamination
    (cross contamination is extremely detrimental to a vehicle’s A/C system).
  • Recharge your A/C system with the correct amount of clean, environmentally safe refrigerant as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

By performing this service the A/C system maintains optimum pressure, which insures strong ventilation to the passenger cabin. This also removes moisture that may cause a chemical reaction with the refrigerant, which could lead to corrosion, contamination, odor causing mold, and complete system failure. All while, this process helps protect the environment.

An inadequately performed evacuation and recharge can cause poor A/C system performance, so it’s imperative to have certified and experienced technicians perform this kind of service, like the technicians at Midas.

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