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Steering & Suspension
Power Steering Services

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is specially designed oil that lubricates and relays pressure needed to assist in power steering.

We recommend the power steering fluid be inspected with every oil change. You should consult your manufacturers’ owners manual for specific service intervals and the type of power steering fluid your automobile uses. As with any service, we can lookup your car’s specifications and determine both the service intervals and power steering fluid type, without a problem. That’s what we’re here for.

Power Steering Pump & Belt

The power steering system helps reduce the strength and effort needed to turn your vehicle’s steering wheel. Some of the newer powering steering pumps use a variable–assist system, which provides more assistance at low speeds and reduces the assistance at higher speeds. This technology provides the most assistance when needed, reduces over–steer in emergency situations and provides better on–highway feel.

As mentioned above, the power steering fluid should be visually inspected with every oil change. It is also recommended to have the power steering belt inspected every other oil change, to insure it is tight and free of debris.

At Midas, we can repair and replace any part of the power steering system, so don’t let an unresponsive steering wheel get the best of you. Bring your car to Midas today.

Power Steering Fluid Treatment

An additive treatment, such as this one, will help displace more dirt and deposits during the flush & cleaning process, resulting in a more thorough cleaning of the power steering system. It is able to do this because of a high viscosity formula, much higher than in normal power steering fluid.

This treatment will effectively:

  • Improve Steering System Flush.
  • Condition Seals so they do not break as easy.
  • Fights wear and noise.

This relatively inexpensive treatment will save you money in the long run by expanding the life of your power steering pump and belt.

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